Joann Fabrics Teachers Reward

Joann Fabrics Teachers Reward is a teacher reward program that appreciates home school educators and teacher for their dedication and hard work. This program proudly offers Teacher Rewards Discount Cards. Clients in this program receive a 15% discount in every purchase made from the stores or online. The discount however does not include remnants, previous purchases, gifts cards and patterns.

Other benefits of Joann Fabrics Teachers Reward program include 20% off bonus coupon for total purchase when one has enrolled or re-enrolled in the teacher reward program. Jo-Ann preferred Customer is also bound to be in the popular coupon that saves money. There is a personal notice communication regarding the latest sales products and offers, inspirations and crafting trends.

It is easy to be part of Joann Fabrics Teachers Reward by following two simple ways in which one can become a beneficiary. Any team member of any Jo-Ann store can assist in enrolling a new client or individuals can continue with the simple online application at by themselves.

Join JoAnn Teachers RewardHowever, for the application there are items required. For instance teachers will be asked to have teacher identification and photo ID issued by the state. Home school educators will be required to have with them an affidavit to home school and a letter from their District or in some cases presenting membership ID card from any recognized Home school association. For early childhood professionals they will need a photo ID and certification or current license issued state, federal or local government as a qualified childcare provider.

The store management for Joann Fabrics Teachers Reward program will ask the client to present teacher identification and photo ID issued by the state to activate the discount card before the initial use.

One can share and inform fellow teachers the good news of how to save 15% at Joann Fabrics Teachers Reward by using the Jo-Ann communications kit which includes electronic and non-electronic media.